Create Forms for Online Surveys

Fast and Reliable

Open source, online, no information is lost

Analysis without delay

Results and League Tables in real time

Centralize all

Direct insight for your sales department

Simple and Intuitive

User-friendly Interface

1.Designing and test your surveys

Create online surveys easily and fast with few clicks. With our intuitive interface content can be adjusted with just one click directly on the page.

2.Collect and share data

With the built in "Share" system you can share surveys in less time. No more and no wasted time delays. Safely move all delivery in a few clicks.

3.Take advantage immediately of the results

With ODOO all your results are automatically synchronized with your database. No division between your data collection and your company with security will benefit your sales thereof.


Create a Professional Surveys Design

Odoos unique "edit-in-line" function and special modules facilitate the integration of surveys. Through drag and drop you can inserted and moved content.

Found a bug? Want to add a new question or change the text? No problem - just click and edit!

Edit the survey design, questions, add more text and change the images in real time - all without complicated user interface.

Share Marketing Surveys without delay

Thanks to the built-in "parts" system collecting information is not a time-consuming affair more. Thanks to the direct connection of the database using the survey module, you can share your surveys quickly and get feedback. Respond to your marketing needs.

The ODOO survey module you will lose no time in creating a survey, and to focus on the quality and quantity of evaluations


Store your data centrally and pull so greater benefit from it

ODOO offers a smooth synchronization of your database. All information of the surveys will be automatically assigned to the appropriate entry.

The results are stored and are always available. No more lost data! Create statistics, measure sales rates and create analyzes.

Easy to create and edit

Try it and understand it in less than 1 minute.

Fully integrated with other applications

Use it anywhere in your CRM system.

Unlimited surveys and forms

No limitation, collect all the available information.

Integrated database

Do not waste time in the import / export and Comparing Documents. Automate!

Open Source

A strong community with high security demands.

The ODOO experience

Because you deserve a smooth service at the best price.